Monday, November 9

Double your fun : twins edition

I promised I'd share more and here they are. I love editing sessions like this because every picture is just so dang cute - it's hard to narrow it down to a few favorites.

A special note of thanks to their mom who was a great assistant, fully equipped with toys and books and blankets. And just props to her in general for raising twins and managing to look great at the same time. I sure couldn't do it. I can barely get out of my pajamas as it is...

She had something to say about it all

Those blue eyes!
Hello, baby feet!
That lower lip is just so sweet.

If only my belly looked this cute.

It was at this point that I considered grabbing one and making a mad dash for home,
but she knows where we live, so it wouldn't have lasted long.

Getting their fiber... couldn't seem to keep them away from the leaves.


kristin noel said...

I love this last picture. ADORABLE! Wish I lived closer and we could babysit together to give Mama a well deserved break!

lindsay michele said...

I didn't even realize it said "the end" until I was editing the pictures. And I thought, "how appropriate!"

Lauren said...

What a great series of pics! And the babies are so cute I can hardly stand it... I just wanna nibble on 'em!

Dianna said...

This a wonderful group of pictures! You do great work.
Love and hugs.