Thursday, April 17

are we there yet?

i'm in the home stretch, i can feel it. boxes have taken over the condo and invaded the garage downstairs. and they're multiplying.

i have learned many things while packing to move:
1. chipotle's tortilla boxes are a great size for packing and they get a shipment on monday mornings.
2. the old vine liquor store near us gets shipments on wednesdays, so boxes can be picked up thursday morning. wine boxes are a great size, as you cannot over pack them or make them too heavy to lift.
3. i could rattle off the delivery days of about 10 other shops around us, but i'll refrain.
4. when you've packed up all of your kitchen, it is possible to make a grilled cheese sandwich out of shredded cheese, using only the microwave (it's not quite grilled, but the cheese is melted).
5. salsa does not quite cut it as a replacement for spaghetti sauce.

i'm just ready to be on the road (even if it is heading through the "oh so exciting" highways of nebraska) and moving. i'm ready to get settled in my new home and learn things like where the post office is, and where the locals go for dinner. just a few more days.

colorado, i'm going to miss you. i really am.

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