Friday, February 29

shopping for home

it feels a bit odd to be shopping for a home. a home is such a personal thing, i feel as if it shouldn't be dealt with the same way as acquiring a new pair of jeans is. but how else do you find a place to live?

i've been on craig's list everyday now for the last two weeks. just last night i came across a listing for a place i'd previously written off but when i showed it to M, he became as wooed by it's granite countertops and wood floors as i was.

and so i called. there's something about actually making contact with a poster on craig's list that makes this whole process very real to me. i have to actually reach out of my comfort zone and interact with someone i know nothing about, asking questions that could possibly determine where i spend the next 2-3 years of my life.

M also made a good point last night, i work at home. while this seems like a stating of the obvious, it means that where we end up moving will be what i see all day, every day. if it's only 700 sq ft, well then i will live in 700 sq ft every day. sometimes you can deal with where you live b/c you get to escape it a bit when you go to work. but this is not the case for me. my home is where i am nearly 24/7. and in that case, maybe it is worth a couple more dollars to make it nice.

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kristin said...

It looks beautiful! I'll be praying that the right place remains available for you when you fly out. I'm just so excited for you two! HUGS!